We offer a variety of facial treatment options so you can choose the one best suited for your specific needs. Our skin care specialists will work with you to achieve the perfect facial remedy. The ultimate goal is to provide relief from specific concerns and stress, and to achieve balance, to pure skin health and relaxation through therapeutic facial treatments aimed at improving your well-being.

European Facial $60

Indulge yourself in this classic facial treatment. It detoxifies, tones and revitalizes skin that is tired and stressed. Euro facial treatment includes steaming, cleansing, toning and removing of dead skin cells. A customized mask made up of ingredients specific to your skin's need will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated. We'll top it all off with a light upper shoulder and décolleté massage.

Deep cleansing facial $65

This extended facial treatment provides dual benefits to problematic and acne-prone skin. It decongests pores and works to relieve inflamed skin. Once your skin is deeply cleansed and buffed, we will perform extraction to rid your skin of impurities. A further application of an oxygenating mask will bring freshness to dull complexion while a pampering massage of the face and décolleté adds a relaxing touch and unveils your hidden beauty.

Vitamin Anti-Aging Facial $90

Fight aging skin and get back your radiance with this rejuvenating treatment. Potent doses of essential vitamins target the causes of premature aging at the cellular level. Vitamins A, C, E, F, and pro-vitamins B5 along a revolutionary delivery system will ensure that your skin is getting what it needs, where it needs it the most. Topical vitamins stimulate your skin and noticeably improve elasticity, tone, and texture.

Gentlemen Facial $60

This facial is specifically designed to treat a gentleman's skin needs. It helps soothe irritated skin caused by daily shaving and exposure to external aggressions. It will leave skin refreshed and energized. We'll complete this treatment with a light upper shoulder massage.

Acne Treatment $85

Diamond Microdermabrasiont $80

  • Brow $12
  • Lip $6
  • Chin $7
  • Brow + Lip $16
  • Brow + Lip + Chin $22
  • Under Arms $15
  • Half Arms $18
  • Full Arms $32

  • Full Face $40
  • Sideburns $8
  • Full Legs $45
  • Upper Legs $25
  • Brazilian $45
  • Bikini line $30
  • Chest or Back $35 & up